About coaching

The kind of coaching we are describing is about facilitation and empowerment. It’s not about instruction or recommendation. If you want someone simply to tell you what to do, please don’t read any further.  We don’t do that.

What can cause problems at work?

We provide the kind of coaching that is targetted at particular issues that are causing you problems at work.  Perhaps, these issues are making you unhappy, unfulfilled and preventing you from achieving what you want to.  The following is not an exhaustive list, but some of the situations that lead people to seek coaching with us include:

  • Feeling ineffective, being undermined or that you are not being listened to
  • Not performing as well as you think you could or or are expected to
  • Working with “difficult” people and other tensions with colleagues
  • Making and maintaining boundaries
  • Getting the right balance between life and work
  • Procrastination and getting things done
  • Being worn down by corporate bureaucracy

What you discover

We work on the principle that the answers that you discover yourself are going to be more effective than those that might be handed to you on a plate.  You build resilience by finding the answers yourself. Successful life at work tends to be an ongoing process of discovery and learning how to deal with new situations.  When you make your own progress on one obstacle, you strengthen your ability to tackle the next challenge. You are less likely to be worn down.

We offer the kind of coaching that enables you to think through these kinds of situations with someone who is completely unconnected with your work.  This will provide you with a safe space to be honest about your issue.  You can think carefully about your reactions with someone who won’t judge you or think you are being weak.

Coaching for a specific situation

The kind of coaching we offer does not seek to be a long-term relationship.  If you are looking for mentoring over a longer period, we would be happy to talk to you about how we could help but that is something different to our idea of coaching.  We define our coaching as focused very much on a specific situation – and facilitating a way forward for you to start to address whatever is concerning you. We do this in a limited number of sessions.  This is about empowering you, not making you dependent.