What we offer


We provide an empathetic approach – listening, reflecting back and helping you to focus on the problem, the causes and triggers. You then explore the ways in which you can use your own resources to address the challenge or to make a difference. It’s all about making the best use of your resources and keeping you in control.

Through a limited number of sessions, we will help you to:

  • Define the issue and what you want to do about it
  • Think as realistically as possible about the issue you have identified in order to:
    • Devise and consider different courses of action
    • Commit to the action that you decide to take.

We will meet in confidence over the phone, with or without a video link, depending on what you are comfortable with.

An initial 20-minute call is offered free of charge followed by a very competitively-priced package of 3 forty-minute coaching sessions. 

These sessions can be taken up to fit in with the actions you are taking to achieve your goal.  In other words, the coaching sessions will take place at intervals of your choosing when you feel you are ready for the next stage of coaching. The initial conversation will start to explore the problem you have identified and will establish a few key things to consider before the coaching starts in earnest.

What skills and experience do I bring?

My name is Andrew Paterson and I bring 40 years of work experience in education, health and consultancy in the UK and abroad.  I am based in Stroud in Gloucestershire, UK but by coaching through a phone/video link, I can work with people anywhere.  I have coached individuals in small and large teams.  I have worked in small companies, both small and large public sector organisations and in a multinational corporation. 

My career has included many years of managing individuals, teams and projects and being responsible for team and individual performance.  Whilst coaching is not about managing people, my work experience has given me valuable insight into what best enables people to function in the workplace and the questions they need to answer in order to address challenging issues they face.  I have a coaching qualification recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management.  I  have taken part in a wide range of training on team development, management and facilitation, as well as leadership.  You can find out more about me on Linked-In and on my blogging website.

My commitment on confidentiality and other things

Any conversation will be between you and me and no-one else.  I will take notes to enable me to provide effective coaching, but the calls will not be recorded in any way. Nothing will be disclosed to anyone else.  Actually, in this kind of coaching, there is no need for you to disclose any names or identifiable situations.  Indeed, many people find it helpful to step outside the personal detail in order to get to the real issue. 

 My approach is to ask questions and to reflect back what you have said.  I will steer you to addressing or considering certain things.  I may well be challenging and persistent, but I won’t provide advice or tell you what to do.  The commitment I ask from you is to be honest and to persevere to complete the three sessions.