Cog to Gear


We are all cogs ……

it’s when we get into gear things start to drive


It is not unusual to face challenges in our workplaces which seem difficult to make any progress with.  These can affect our self-confidence, our ability to act effectively and our feelings of self-worth.

In fact, it would be more unusual never to face such situations.    It is easy to feel one is just a cog and that it’s difficult to mesh with others and really get into gear.

          Often these challenges can be resolved by talking with our line manager or having a chat with a trusted colleague.

Sometimes, though, it can be helpful to talk things through with someone completely unconnected with your work. Someone with whom you can feel completely safe and who won’t judge you.  Someone who won’t consider the difficulties you are currently facing as some form of weakness.

At Cog to Gear, we can be that someone.

Our approach to coaching provides that safe sounding board.

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